Tara Bishop: Our Greatest Moments

Springer Storyteller Dr. Tara Bishop revisits her time with a special patient, and how a long walk to the E.R. changed her view of medicine. Listen below or stream the official podcast!

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Tara Bishop MD, is a doctor and an assistant professor at Weill Cornell Medical College. She wants to improve the way we deliver healthcare in the U.S. and to make her research and the research of others in her field relevant to patients, physicians, and others in healthcare. Her personal blog, www.tarabishopmd.com focuses on interesting research that she reads, how to make research more relevant, innovations in medical education, and being a working mom. She also very active on Twitter @tarabishopmd.

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  1. A familiar situation that a lot of us face every day. Handled with great empathy and compassion – qualities that are fast disappearing in our busy medical practices and need to be brought back into the art of medicine. The science of exciting medical discoveries should not be allowed to shadow the art of delivering high quality care with a personal touch.

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