Storytelling Webinars for Scientists: Union of Concerned Scientists

In our never ending quest to find all available resources for scientists interested in incorporating story into their science communication, we were thrilled to discover TWO excellent webinars from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The first, Hear Me Out: Making Meaningful Connections through Storytelling, is hosted by Mónica Feliú-Mójer, Vice-director, Ciencia Puerto Rico and Program Manager, iBiology and Michele Roberts, National Co-Coordinator of the Environmental Justice and Health Alliance.

Among the MANY great points made, a few key takeaways here are:

  • Storytelling provides scientists with a powerful way to help their audience make personal, meaningful connections with science.
  • As a scientist, storytelling helps you go beyond the data to convey the ‘so what’ of your research and why it matters
  • Because storytelling is about your audience, it can be a powerful tool to make science more inclusive.
  • You can incorporate elements of storytelling into communicating your science across the board and to multiple audiences: from your peers to the general public. It will make you a more effective communicator and a better scientist.

An excellent list of resources for Storytelling and Science and Science Communication is also provided here.

The second webinar The Story Behind the Scientist, features Speakers: Seth Shulman, Editorial Director at Union of Concerned Scientists, Casey DeMoss, CEO of Alliance for Affordable Energy and Eric Michelman, Director of More Than Scientists.

Covering “Storytelling 101”, the webinar covers  how to craft a story, build suspense, and get people interested in your work, as well as strategies for storytelling and resources on communicating important ideas in a story framework.

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