Elisa Schaum: A Mainly True Story About Science

Elisa Schaum describes her experience as the only scientist in a family of eclectic artists, and demonstrates why art and science are more similar than we might think.

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Elisa Schaum is an oceanographer turned evolutionary biologist that investigates what makes some phytoplankton populations better at evolving under climate change than others. (Read more here)

***Note from Elisa:

Confessions of a non-native speaker: it was only after the story telling session that I realised that to most native English speakers, ‘gipsy’ is a slur that should not be used without permission by the person that is being talked about. As this story is in its essence a love letter to my crazy artist family, the word was not meant to be read as a slur but is just the word that is, in translation, closest to the way that my family describes themselves.