Nuno Bicho: The Best of Two Worlds

In anticipation of International Archaeology Day next month, we’re sharing true, personal stories from archaeologists. Stay tuned the next few weeks for new episodes here on Before the Abstract.

From coming of age in Portugal’s fascist dictatorship to leaving home for the first time to pursue a PhD in archaeology in the United States, Nuno Bicho shares his story of how he came to have the best of two very different worlds.

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Stories about Math: Daniele Struppa

On August 1st, the Fields Medal, often described as the Nobel Prize of mathematics, was awarded at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Rio de Janeiro. This ceremony takes place every four years and we’re recognizing this prestigious award with a month of math stories on Before the Abstract. Stay tuned every week for a new true, personal story from mathematicians themselves!

This week, Daniele Struppa tells a story about a surprising collaboration that came out of his dinner with ‘one of the greatest names in the history of quantum physics.’

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This is the fourth episode in our Math series, from our show earlier this year at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in collaboration with The Story Collider. Stay tuned for the last story in the series, airing next Thursday!:

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