Elspeth Ritchie: Enlisting for Education, Staying for Patriotism

COL (Ret.) Elspeth Cameron Ritchie explains how she enlisted in the armed forces to pay for medical school, but how her mission as an Army psychiatrist transformed her into a true patriot. Listen below or stream the official podcast!

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COL (Ret) Elspeth Cameron Ritchie is a forensic psychiatrist with special expertise in military and veteran’s issues. She was most recently the Chief Clinical Officer, Department of Behavioral Health, for the District of Columbia. An internationally recognized expert, she brings a unique public health approach to the management of disaster and combat mental health issues. Her assignments and other missions have taken her to Korea, Somalia, Iraq, and Cuba. She has over 200 publications, mainly in the areas of forensic, disaster, suicide, ethics, military combat and operational psychiatry, and women’s health issues.

Tara Bishop: Our Greatest Moments

Springer Storyteller Dr. Tara Bishop revisits her time with a special patient, and how a long walk to the E.R. changed her view of medicine. Listen below or stream the official podcast!

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Tara Bishop MD, is a doctor and an assistant professor at Weill Cornell Medical College. She wants to improve the way we deliver healthcare in the U.S. and to make her research and the research of others in her field relevant to patients, physicians, and others in healthcare. Her personal blog, www.tarabishopmd.com focuses on interesting research that she reads, how to make research more relevant, innovations in medical education, and being a working mom. She also very active on Twitter @tarabishopmd.

Gerrit Verschuur: the Thrill of Discovery

Gerrit Verschuur describes how the thrill of discovery doesn’t fade, even after decades of research. Listen below or stream the official podcast!

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Dr. Gerrit L. Verschuur is best known for his work in radio astronomy. In his primary field of study Verschuur pioneered the measurement of the interstellar magnetic field using the 21-cm Zeeman effect technique. He is also co-inventor on a dozen patents, his favorites being on ways to read bar codes inside sealed envelopes. The third edition of his book, “The Invisible Universe: The Story of Radio Astronomy,” was published by Springer in 2015.

David Kipping: Falling Off a Mountain

Before starting his PhD in Astronomy, Springer Storyteller David Kipping goes on an eventful – perhaps even reckless – trip to the Himalayas. Listen below or stream the official podcast!

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David Kipping is a 30-year old astrophysicist working at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics as a Menzel Fellow. He grew up in the UK but emigrated to the USA five years ago. He researches a variety of topics related to extrasolar planets, but his main project is searching for exomoons.

Uzma Rizvi: A Complicated Relationship…with Science

Forced to wrestle with her identity as a scientist, archaeologist Uzma Rizvi travels to war-torn Iraq and discovers more than ancient artifacts. Listen below or stream the official podcast!

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Uzma Z. Rizvi, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Urban Studies at Pratt Institute of Art and Design, Brooklyn, where she teaches anthropology, ancient urbanism, critical heritage studies, memory and war/trauma studies, and the postcolonial critique. She often finds herself trying to balance the very ancient with the very contemporary, both mediated by material things. An avid collector of experiences and thoughts, Rizvi travels extensively and utilizes those experiences to inform her research about past societies.