Philipp Wolf

Philipp_Wolf_PicturePhilipp Wolf is a 27-year old mechanical / automotive engineer currently working for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in the UK. He grew up in Germany and finished both his undergraduate and graduate studies at RWTH Aachen University. He spent a year at Imperial College London as visiting a student, and subsequently joined the university’s design engineering group at the department of mechanical engineering as a research scholar, working on novel approaches for developing electric vehicle (packaging) concepts in the early design phase.

After various placements in the industry and in management consulting firms, he is currently pursuing a second master’s degree in management, business and economics to broaden his knowledge on today’s business dynamics, a year of which he spent at Columbia University as a visiting scholar. In his current position at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars he works in the production steering and process-planning department, writing his final thesis on the optimization of production systems in a low volume context. Outside of the automotive sphere, he is an enthusiastic traveler and enjoys practicing different sports, in particular the occasional tennis match on the court.

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