Alex R. Piquero

Alex R. Piquero, Ph.D. is the Ashbel Smith Professor of Criminology and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in the School of Economic, Political, and Policy Sciences at the University of Texas at Dallas and Adjunct Professor with the Key Centre for Ethics, Law, Justice, and Governance at Griffith University.

From 2008 until 2013 he was Co-Editor of the Journal of Quantitative Criminology. He has published over 350 peer-reviewed articles in the areas of criminal careers, criminological theory, and quantitative research methods, and has collaborated on several books including Key Issues in Criminal Careers Research: New Analyses from the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development (co-authored with David P. Farrington and Alfred Blumstein), Handbook of Quantitative Criminology (co-edited by David Weisburd), Offending from Childhood to Late Middle Age: Recent Results from the Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development (co-authored with David P. Farrington and Wesley G. Jennings), The Handbook of Criminological Theory, and Offending from Childhood to Young Adulthood: Recent Results from the Pittsburgh Youth Study (co-authored with Wesley G. Jennings, Rolf Loeber, Dustin A. Pardini, and David P. Farrington).

Professor Piquero’s research has been highlighted by Reuters, The Huffington Post, The New York Times, CNN, The Dallas Morning News, and other media, radio, and television outlets. He is also Fellow of both the American Society of Criminology and the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and in 2014 he received The University of Texas System Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award. Dr. Piquero received his Ph.D. in criminology and criminal justice from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Dr. Piquero has a wide array of interests outside of his academic career, including being an avid sports fan—especially of the Dallas Cowboys, music aficionado, crossword puzzle solver, and accompanier to his wife, the other Dr. (Nicky) Piquero, on her marathon schedule.