Raid Amin

My PhotoRaid Amin is Professor of Statistics, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, at the University of West Florida. He has published 50 peer-reviewed journal articles in a variety of applications, ranging from control chart methodology to shark attack clustering, and also focusing on identifying geographical hotspots for pediatric cancers. He has a passion for statistics education, and he uses modern platforms for delivering lectures to distance students, and to local face-to-face students. He received awards for excellence in teaching and also for excellence in scholarly activities, and he has served on numerous university committees. Recently, he has been bestowed with the title Distinguished University Professor. His excitement of statistics is only matched by his passion for photography and travel.

Selected Publications

Raid W. Amin, Michael Hendryx PhD, Matthew Shull & Alexander Bohnert (2014). “A cluster analysis of pediatric cancer incidence rates in Florida: 2000-2010.” Special Issue of Statistics and Public Policy. The American Statistical Association. Volume 1, Issue 1, pp. 69-77.

Erich Ritter and Raid Amin, (2013), “Are Caribbean reef sharks, Carcharhinus perezi, able to perceive human body orientation?” Animal Cognition. Volume 17, Number 3, pp 745-753. [featured in The Economist in its 12.14.2013 issue]

Raid Amin, Erich Ritter, and Peter Kennedy (2012). “A geospatial analysis of shark attack rates for the east coast of Florida: 1994–2009”, Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology.

Raid Amin, Alexander Bohnert, Laurens Holmes, Ayyappan Rajasekaran, and Chatchawin Assanasen (2010). Cover Page and Research Article in Pediatric Blood and Cancer. 2010 April;54(4): 511-8.Highlighted in “ Childhood cancer clustering in Florida: weighing the evidence,” Johnson KJ,Puumala SE. Pediatric Blood and Cancer. 2010 April; 54(4): 493-4.

“Epidemiologic Mapping of Florida Childhood Cancer Clusters”. Pediatric Blood and Cancer, Vol. 54, Issue 4, pp.511-518.
Raid Amin and Kuiyuan Li (2010). “Should Graduate Mathematics Courses be taught fully online?” Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology, Volume 4, Number 1, pp. 47-56.

Kuiyuan Li, Jossy Uvah Raid Amin, and Rohan Hemasinha (2009). “A Study of Non-traditional Instruction on Qualitative Reasoning and Problem Solving in General Studies Mathematics Courses.” Journal of Mathematical Sciences & Mathematics Education, Vol. 4 No. 1 37.

Amin, R. W., Reynolds Jr., M.R., and Bakir, S. “Nonparametric Control Charts Based on the Sign Statistic”. Communications in Statistics: Theory and Methods, 24, No. 6, (1995), 1597-1624.

Reynolds, M. R., Jr., Amin, R. W., and Arnold, J. C.. “CUSUM Charts with Variable Sampling Intervals.” Featured article in Technometrics , 32 (1990), 371396.

Reynolds, M. R., Jr., Amin, R. W., Arnold, J. C., and Nachlas, J. A. “ -charts with Variable Sampling Intervals.” Technometrics , 30 (1988), 181192.

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