The Springer Nature Storytellers 2016 Playlist

After a brief hiatus earlier this year, Springer Nature Storytellers certainly made up for lost time with some incredible new podcasts and three highly attended live shows (podcasts to come 2017)! In case you missed any of the stories we released, here’s a complete playlist of every episode shared in 2016. As always, we highly recommend browsing our complete library for some other fascinating science stories.



Having just returned from the Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, we’re still buzzing with excitement over the earth and space science stories shared. Stay tuned early next year for these as well as surgery and criminology stories to kick off Springer Nature Storytellers in 2017! Happy listening!

Do you want to be a Springer Nature Storyteller in 2017? If you have a story you’d like to share, whether at one of our live shows or written and featured here on Before the Abstract, please get in touch through the instructions on our Pitch Page.

Jerry Franklin: The Joy of Being Blindsided

Dr. Jerry Franklin is gifted with a revelation about nature’s legacies during his years of work on Mount St. Helens. Listen below or stream the official podcast!

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Jerry Franklin, PhD, is a Professor of Ecosystem Analysis, College of Forest Resources at the  University of Washington, Seattle. He is a world-renowned forest ecologist who has been called “the father of new forestry.” Read more about him here.

A. Leslie Morrow: What Keeps You Going?

Dr. A. Leslie Morrow shares what keeps her going in her research on alcoholism: misguided reviewer comments, a promising new development in gene therapy, and the miraculous life of her cousin, Lance. Listen below or stream the official podcast!

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Dr. A. Leslie Morrow’s work is focused on developing an understanding of the role of GABAA receptors and neuroactive steroids in normal brain function and neuropsychiatric disease, particularly alcohol use disorders.